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At last the new dance clip from Studio 35 is here. I don’t know about you, but I wanted to do this project for some time now. Bboy Meks, that you all might know from „Little Park Story”, gave a really good performance and brought a lot on the table in the terms of dancing and emotions. Clip was designed for a lot of postproduction so I needed to spend some time with it but I really like the result. It’s new, it’s short, it’s fresh… If you liked „Glitch” you’ll definately love this one… PEACE
directed by:
Paweł Łukomski (Studio35)

Maksym [bboy MEKS] Grabarczyk (DPS)

Cinematography/ Lights/ Editing/ Color Correction/ FX/ 3D/ Compositing/ Animations/ SFX:
Paweł Łukomski (Studio35)

Technical help:
Katarzyna Majdan

song: Syndicate (Remix)
artist: Skrillex

Thanks to:
Forty/ Forty projekt
Unique crew

Zostaw komentarz