Studio 35 is a polish movie label created by Pawe┼é ┼üukomski. It was first established in 2001 as an collective that produced independent films and has been developing ever since. Round about 2009 Studio 35 widened the scope of itÔÇÖs projects and started to design clips especially for dancers, for which it is now most famous in Poland and abroad. After a short pause in independent films and other forms, that was used to develop new skills and movie techniques Studio 35 came back. With a diverse offer ranging form spots and trailers to videoclips and animations S35 is well known for it’s distinct visual style which incorporates VFX and dynamic editing techniques.

Currently responsible for many commercials, social campaigns, videoclips like: 3M, Alior Bank, LINK4, Ubisoft, Pawe┼é Domaga┼éa, Bobovita, Finlandia and many more. Pawe┼é ┼üukomski directed most of TechlandÔÇÖs 2021 Dying 2 Know digital campaign for an AAA game: Dying Light 2: Stay Human which comprised of an international crew (KTR award 2022). Campaign for Wokos – ro┼Ťliny Ci─Ö Pokochaj─ů that he directed, shot and postproduced was awarded with Effie in 2022. His videoclip for Pawe┼é Domaga┼éaÔÇÖs „We┼║ nie pytaj” currently has over 125 million views on YouTube, was in the top 10 most viewed films in 2018 and was nominated for editing at the Polish Film Festival YACH FILM 2019. Videoclip for „Wystarcz─Ö ja” reached first place in YouTube trends ÔÇô November 2018. His movies were selected twice at the Gdynia Film Festival for the independent cinema section. Latest short „Klechdy” won a total of more than 30 awards and 20 nominations worldwide: Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Mexico and more.
Pawe┼é taught introduction to After Effects, compositing, green screen techniques and advanced After Effects for Animatricks classes held in Polsko-Japo┼äskia Akademia Technik Komputerowych. He specializes in being a director with the added feature of being also a DP. Working with independent cinema has taught him to improvise and work under lots of different set conditions. Thanks to deep knowledge of editing, 2D, 3D and grading he is able to synergize lots of functions for the benefit of the project and run smoothly ÔÇ×VFX heavyÔÇŁ campaigns.

„Klechdy” aka „Folk Tales” – short indie movie created by Studio 35 – festivals and awards:

1. Los Angeles Independent Film Festiwal: Winner Best Horror Short, Winner Best Cinematography, Winner Original Music Score, Semi-final Foreign Short, Semi-final Director Short
2. Toronto Redline Independent Film Festival: Official Selection, Winner Best Thriller/ Suspense Short, Winner Best Cinematography, Nomination Best Production Design
3. iChill Manila Film Fest 2018: Nomination Best Overall Film, Nomination Best Sound Design
4. LETÔÇÖS CEE Film Festival (Vienna): Official Selection (out of competition)
5. Global Shorts (Los Angeles): Winner Award of Excelence, Winner Best Cienmatography
6. Gold Movie awards (London): Winner Best Photography, Winner Best Editing.
7. Independent Horror Movie Awards (Online): Winner Best Short, Winner Best Actor, Winner Best Cinematography, Nomination Best Director, Nomination Best Music, Nomination Best Editing, Nomination Best Sound, Nomination Best Special Effects
8. Outlantacon Short Film Festival 2018 (Atlanta): Winner Best Horror
9. 64.Og├│lnopolski Konkurs Film├│w Niezale┼╝nych OKFA 2018 (Konin): Grand Prix in independent movie category
10. Five Continents Film Festival 2018 (Online/Venezuela): Winner Best Short of the Month, Winner Best Horror Short, Winner Best Supporting Actress, Winner Best Art Direction, Winner Best Original Music, Winner Best Production Design, Winner Best FX, Winner Best Make-up, Audience Award 3rd Place, Special Mention Supporting Actor, Special Mention Cinematography, Special Mention Editing
11. Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase 2018: Nomination Best Overall International Short, Nomination Best International Short/Microshort Horror/Thriller/Suspense
12. Alternative Film Festival 2018 Summer Edition (Online/Toronto): Nomination Short Films Best Thriller
13. Suspense Film Festival 2018 (Kołobrzeg) First Shot: Honorable Mention
14. Hollywood Horrorfest 2018 (Los Angeles): Honorable Mention
15. Polish Short Film Festival 2018, a part of 13. International Festival Action on Film 2018 (Las Vegas): Winner Best Suspense, Winner Best Visual Effects (Pawe┼é ┼üukomski), Runner up Best Supporting Male Actor (Pawe┼é Ko┼Ťlik), Runner up Best Editing (Pawe┼é ┼üukomski), Runner up Best Cinematography (Krzysztof Trela), Nomination Best Story, Nomination Best Casting (Pawe┼é ┼üukomski), Nomination Best Supporting Female Actress (Olga Szoma┼äska), Nomination Best Male Performance (Anthony Adeleke), Nomination Best Animation (Pawe┼é ┼üukomski), Nomination Best Make-up (Kamila Jaremko), Nomination Best Set Design (Natalia Maciejewska), Nomination Best Score (Rigor Mortiss), Nomination Best Direction (Pawe┼é ┼üukomski)
16. 3th Ciudad de Mexico International Film Festival 2018 (Mexico): Nomination Best Indie Short Film
17. Queen Palm International Film Festival August edition 2018 (Palm Springs): Silver Award Best Short Film – Horror, Nomination Best Director, Nomination Best Cinematography, Nomination Best Music, Nomination Best Editing, Nomination Best Special Effects
18. FILMOWE PODLASIE ATAKUJE! 2020 (Bialystok)- Zloty Golf (Publicity Award)

Studio 35 achievements:

1. KTR for Dynig Light 2: Dying 2 Know campaign for Techland (I directed 3th,4th,5th,6th,7th episode) in category: events/ events online 2022,
2. Effie 2022 award for a project Wokas – Ro┼Ťliny Ci─Ö Pokochaj─ů,
3. Dynig Light 2: Dying 2 Know awarded with grand prix Kreatura ÔÇô Konkurs Niezale┼╝nej Kreacji 2022 in categories: Online Events and Set Design,
4. Wokas – Ro┼Ťliny Ci─Ö Pokochaj─ů awarded with special mention Kreatura ÔÇô Konkurs Niezale┼╝nej Kreacji 2022 in category: TV/Cinema,
5. A clip „Pawe┼é Domaga┼éa – We┼║ Nie Pytaj” created by Studio 35 was: top 15 trending videos on Youtube in July 2018, most watched clip in August 2018 in Poland and top 10 watched polish videoclips in 2018,
6. A clip „Pawe┼é Domaga┼éa – We┼║ Nie Pytaj” nominated in best editing category on 27. YACH Film Festival,
7. A clip „Pawe┼é Domaga┼éa – Wystarcz─Ö Ja” created by Studio 35 was #1 trending video on Youtube in November 2018,
8. A clip „Jula – Za Ka┼╝dym Razem” created by Studio 35 was the third most viewed clip on Youtube in Poland in 2012,
9. official selection – XXXVIII Gdynia Film Festival – section Przegl─ůd Film├│w Niezale┼╝nych,
10. official selection – XXXI Festiwal Film├│w Fabularnych in Gdynia – an independent movies section,
11. official selection – 7th Europejski Festiwal M┼éodego Kina held in Warsaw’s Kinoteka cinema,
12. official selection – 6th Europejski Festiwal M┼éodego Kina held in Warsaw’s Kinoteka cinema,
13. official selection – 5th Europejski Festiwal M┼éodego Kina held in Warsaw’s Kinoteka cinema,
14. official selection – 4th Skoffka held in Warsaw’s Kinoteka cinema,
15. official selection – 3th Skoffka held in Warsaw’s Kinoteka cinema,
16. Dance Theatre Story 2012 – ZAiKS award for dance cinema achievements,
17. official selection – Filmowe Zwierciad┼éa 2009,
18. Filmowe Zwierciad┼éa 2011 – II award to „Zamknij Oczy” and publicity award,
19. official selection – Solanin Film Festiwal 2011,
20. Filmowe Podlasie Atakuje 2010 – award for unique visual form to „Happy Place” (2010),
21. official selection – Filmowe Podlasie Atakuje 2011,
22. official selection – Przegl─ůd Film├│w Amatorskich i Niezale┼╝nych Wydmy 2005,
23. Fest – Award for the best artistic film to „Happy Place” (2011),
24. 8th Gliwicki Offowy Festiwal Filmowy GOFFR – II award to „Zamknij Oczy” (2011),
25. Przeworski Przegl─ůd Amatorskiej Sztuki Filmowej 2011 – GRAND PRIX and publicity award to „Zamknij Oczy”,
26. Przeworski Przegl─ůd Amatorskiej Sztuki Filmowej 2006 – award for „KK”,
27. Festiwal Filmowy Drzwi 2012 – I award to „Zamknij Oczy”,
28. Dance Theatre Story 2013 – second reckognition to „Shattered pieces”,
29. many other festivals all over Poland i.a. Lublin ( Z┼éote Mr├│wkojady ÔÇô awad for editing – 2010, publicity award 2008), Zgierz (Ogie┼ä w G┼éowie ÔÇô award in 2006 and publicity award 2011), Katowice (Kiloff) and others,