Paweł Łukomski (Studio 35) | Showreel 2018

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Showreel for 2018 is here

music: Jain – Makeba

Studio 35 vs Pankrok

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Together with Michal Gerlach (Pankrok) we took the camera out for some testing (how dsmc2 handles low light and some ir olpf tests). No plans, no story, no crew… just fun and freestyle.. here is a short edit of what we got

Dir/ DoP/ Edit/ CC/ FX
Paweł Łukomski (Studio35)

Michał Pankrok Gerlach

Built to Fade
Dark Night To Dust

Shot on Red Helium with IR OLPF (KipperTie)

„Klechdy” aka „Folk Tales”

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My new baby project is online as of today. After festival run I can now publish it for everyone. ENJOY!

A young African trying to get to Europe stumbles on his way onto a secluded Polish village in the middle of nowhere. That’s when his real trouble begin.

Wonder Science – 3MÔäó directorÔÇÖs cut

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A director’s cut of 3M campaign – Wonder Science that I’ve directed.

Klient: Tomasz Sulewski /3M
Kreacja: Adam Szulc, Urszula Morawska, Paweł von Thomas, Piotr Cedzyński
Client Service: Aldona Borecka, Magda Mojska
Strategia: Norbert Piotrowski, Michał Szczerba
Produkcja (VML): Tomasz Grzegorek

Reżyseria: Paweł Łukomski
Operator kamery: Bartek Cierlica
Producent: Ad Mocko, Better Film Productions
Kierownik produkcji: Magda Jaworska
Scenografia: Paulina Szpila
Kostiumy: Emilia Czartoryska
Monta┼╝: Kuba Tomaszewicz
Online: IPS Jacek Ury┼Ť, Pawe┼é ┼üukomski (dircut)
CC: Wiktor Sasim, Paweł Łukomski (dircut)

Music used in dircut: Nero

3M ÔÇô HealthCare Hospital Solutions

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A digital ad for 3M products that I’ve directed

Dir: Paweł Łukomski
DOP: Krzysztof Trela
Production: Love It Warsaw
Agency: VML
Client: 3M

Klechdy update

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My friendly band – ÔÇÜRigor Mortiss’ is releasing a new album. To promote it they’ve ÔÇÜleaked’a new song which so happens to be in some shape or form in ÔÇÜKlechdy’. So there is no better way to celebrate this than by adding some nice, neve seen before footage form the movie. ENJOY

DP/ Edit/ CC:
Paweł Łukomski

Krzysztof trela

Paweł Łukomski (Studio 35) | Showreel

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The newest showreel

music: A Tribe Called Red – Stadium Pow Wow

Klechdy Trailer

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Trailer for a new Studio 35 short is here.


La Mania Spring-Summer 2017

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Advertiser: La Mania
Photo: Manuel Gomes da Costa
Place: Portugal
Model: Maja Salamon /Division
Styling: Agnieszka Scibior
Hair: Kacper Raczkowski/Division Art
Make – up: By Dariia Day/Division Art
Video: Paweł Łukomski( Studio 35)
Music: „Final Kiss” (O. Price, S. W. Hodd, V. Harrison) | Cavendish Music | CAV 348 | Track no. 9
Cavendish Music is exclusively represented by Upright Music in Scandinavia, The Baltic States and Poland.

shot on Red Dragon with Zeiss CP2

Sodexo animation

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Short animation For Sodexo

Paweł Łukomski

Mateusz Kucharski